Values and Life Skills distinguished

Life skills are the abilities one needs to make the best of their life. We need these skills to deal with the challenges that come with life. We all have skills that we hold dear to us based on our environments and experiences.

They are skills that could be instilled in us through education. Communication skills come through the different learning areas, Presentation skills come through during extra-curricular activities, Decision
making, and critical thinking skills will be illustrated when solving mathematical problems, Selfawareness will be demonstrated in how we are able to accept individual differences without judging, assertiveness comes out through the way we are able to tap potentials and opportunities available for us to move from one level to the next. An assertive person should display resilience and be able to stand on their own. They are independent.

However, there are other skills that are nurtured by individuals due to one need or the other. We are often encouraged to possess listening skills, time management skills, leadership and managerial skills.
These and other skills can be self taught.

Values are the attitudes that develop one’s character. They build one’s personality. They are intrinsic and are guided by emotions and feelings. Open-mindedness, accountability, humility, compassion, respect, and trust are examples of values. We need values for cohesion in our environment. People who lack values find it very difficult to navigate around their environments because people find it difficult to relate with them, they are judged and no one seems to understand them. For a successful and meaningful life, one has to be aligned with their values. We often ask ourselves questions like ‘what are the qualities of a leader? What we are asking ourselves is; What values should a leader possess?

It is important for young adults to get this clear at an earlier age for ease of engaging with each other and also for ease of engaging with adults.

Christine Akello

I am an educator with a high experience in implementing education and skills development projects, training, facilitation and capacity strengthening in emerging issues in education. I have a strong bias in the thematic areas of inclusive education, learner-centered teaching, ICT integration in Teaching and Learning, Assessment of Life Skills in education and policy advocacy in education.