Sub-Saharan Youth

The youth population in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the fastest-growing region in the world, is expected to double in the next 3 decades, reaching
375 million by 2030. Development analysts have observed that the continent remains stubbornly inhospitable-politically, economically, and socially-to young people

Policy on SDG’s

Urgently needed is a comprehensive policy agenda, that focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals of ensuring access to health care and quality education for all adolescents including technology-driven and on providing them with productive employment and decent work

Project Objectives

– Generate lessons from past and present national and regional learning assessments and initiatives.
– Build capacity of a dynamic learning community to integrate and assess 21st-century skills
– Mobilize policy uptake on the utilization of learning assessments

promoting the acquisition of 21st century skills for adolescents

Our Team

ADAPT Knowledge Champion for Kenya and overall project lead overseeing implementation in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Dr. Maryam Jaffar Ismail, is the knowledge champion of “Adapting Assessment into Policy and Learning (ADAPT) initiative” dealing with Adolescent 21st Century Skills in Tanzania.

ADAPT Assistant Project Manager, coordinating project activities in Kenya.

ADAPT project manager in Uganda. He works closely with the knowledge champion to implement the project through coordinating research, training of RELI members, and engaging government stakeholders

What People are Saying About the Project

  • There is a huge mismatch between the skills young people have vs. the ones needed to get jobs. ADAPT initiative will lead us into the right path.

    Mr. Ali Khamis Juma – Principal Secretary, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT, Zanzibar)

  • It is important to track uptake of the assessment data by government stakeholders. There is need to engage government stakeholders in every step of the ADAPT implementation so that they can achieve the objectives, to make sure that our education system ensures learners are equitably assessed.

    Zaida Mgalla – Immediate Former Executive Director, Uwezo Tanzania

Our Partners